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0 is another product reviewing website and a new take on the ‘users+reviews=rewards’ concept, geared to entice online writers and bloggers to contribute reviews of products, be they related to tech, sports, pets, lifestyle, beauty, education, kitchen, finances and a whole range of other categories. The website already looks quite filled-out with content.

A Ukritic review is called a Krit, and when you sign up for free you can start immediately. And they’re very keen for you to sign up: “Perhaps the best thing about Ukritic is that creating helpful reviews is going to provide a lot of impact to your visitors – who are usually on the verge of making a purchase decision, and looking for someone to help with that final verdict.” They push people’s two biggest buttons – making money online and getting traffic to their words.  Hmm, okay, I’m just a skeptic; it’s true, this could be a win-win situation. Writers/reviewers create content for the website (which brings them traffic to view the ads scattered everywhere) and if they’re reviewing the right kinds of things, maybe they can help make sales. Casuals users get a whole lot of reviews written in a clear and easy format.

My question is, what does 100% of affiliate revenue translate to? Well, it seems you get paid through each specific product’s affiliate program. So, while they emphasise that there are vast number of affiliate programs and related websites already online, you have to make sure that the product you’re reviewing has its own program. And that’s not considering how much you’d initially pay for the product to then use it.

They have strict rules about any non-original content, with instant deletion if their filters find any. And there’s a very fun little rant on the rules page about not using the site for spam or trying to leverage it for SEO purposes.

However, as a place to read reviews, it could be okay – as long as you can read past any attempts at making a sale by the reviewers.

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